Is photography an art form?

Is photography an art form?

Many people have recently asked whether is photography still an art form.

To answer this question we have to first ask our self what is photography and how it has started. Photography was created in 19 century first as a tool called camera obscura that has helped painters to paint more precisely. Later on, people have created way how to capture the image on negative and thus produce pictures.

Photographers back then however focused solely on artistic photos as the photo quality was still really bad and they could not create, let’s say commercial photography with the equipment that they had.

So photos back in the day were just art, but why?Is photography an art form?

The other reason why photos were only art is because photographers would pay a great amount of money, therefore they would make sure that the photographed screen looks perfect. If they took a picture of something that was not good, they would just waste their money, and that’s the reason why many old pictures are still considered the best art peace that we have.

Photography now

It was once an art form, and it is still and art form, even though that today’s photographers can do much more with their equipment. For example, back in the day photographers could never take a sharp picture and then use it as a material for a business owner, that’s why you could not find a great commercial photographer back then.

The other thing that makes people say that photography it is not an art form is the fact that everyone can take a picture and most of the pictures are far from good. That, however, doesn’t mean that great photographers do not exist. You just have to look at the right places.

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