Removing Waste Safely and Legally

If you own a business and produce an amount of waste you will need to describe exactly what it is to a company before getting a licensed firm in to dispose of it. As a business owner, it is required by law to have any waste taken away on a regular basis so you work place is kept clean, health and hazard free.

All waste should also be stored away safely in containers so that is does not become a health hazard. It also should not become an obstruction so it is not a tripping hazard or will block any exits or entrances.

Even if you only produce a small amount of waste you will not be able to dispose of it in the way you would household waste.

Hazardous waste (chemicals, car batteries and pesticides) and material must be disposed of in the correct manner by a licensed company with the correct certificates to be able to get rid of it properly.

If you run a business where you have an amount of cooking oil that you need to get rid of, you should make sure that the firm are licensed to do so.

Before hiring a company check first whether they are licensed as you will be responsible should anything wrong once they have picked it up. If it is fly tipped and it is found out, you will be ultimately responsible for this and may face prosecution. The company in question should have the required licenses  to dispose of your waste in a legal way. There is a penalty of up to five thousand pounds.

Remember, there are all may different types of licensed rubbish collectors that specialise in different types of collection.

For more information on this subject and how you get more tips on safe rubbish removal please visit this website.

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