Repair Your Piano Before This Christmas And New Year

Christmas and the New Year are crucial parts of the festive season, they are times to be happy, to celebrate, and to sing and play much music. If your piano has been quiet and dormant the better part of the year, now is the time to get it out for repair. In any case, Christmas is just round the corner, and when guests visit your home, you better have your piano ready!

Online; you can get a good and professional piano tuner within your neighborhood very easily online. Just browse and select one who practices within your area. This is advisable for it reduces the distance you’ll take the instrument for repair. Besides, the tuner can even visit your home to fix it from there.

Explain the problem first; once you’ve identified a suitable tuner within your area, go ahead and contact them, and explain to them the exact problem that needs repair. If the problem is minor, the piano technician is likely to come and fix it from your home. If not, you’ll be advised on where and how to take it for repair.

Experience; how experienced is the piano technician you wish to pick to repair your instrument? You can gauge how experienced and knowledgeable a technician is by how well they understand the issue when you explain it to them. While a newly qualified technician may sound hesitant to say much, an experienced one will not hesitate to ask you questions, and if you are keen, you’ll notice that the questions asked are the same things you have observed.

For instance, experienced piano tuners technician will ask you; since when did the key start sounding off key? Are there other keys sounding off-key, or it is just that one? Do you recall having placed a heavy item on the piano on that key, or sprinkled a liquid accidentally? Such questions should give you an idea of the suitability of a piano technician.

Take the piano for repair; once the technician has clearly understood that you need your piano tuned before Christmas or New Year, agreed on the cost, and other details, take your instrument for repair. Often, piano technicians have shops or workshops where they operate from. Once there, ensure that you are present on every stage of the piano repair; it is never advisable to leave your dear instrument with a technician, unless you trust them very much, or the repair takes some days.


Get your piano repaired today, and usher in Christmas and the New Year in a musical style!

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